All ClearView Products are custom made in our sydneyfactory

  • Blades are usually installed inverted to prevent visibility of plant machinery
  • Perfect for areas that require permanent air flow.
  • Can be installed with vermin mesh if required.
  • 50mm x 10mm or 65mm x 16mm slats available.
  • Any size spacing available.
  • Ideal as privacy screens or fencing.
  • No re-painting required.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
Louvre Door
  • Energy Australia compliant design.
  • Fitted with vermin mesh to prevent animal entry.
  • Locks, handles and accessories can be provided.
  • Ideal for substations and plant rooms
Sunshade Devices

Ideal for restricting solar access and conserving energy via reducing the need for air conditioning. Sunshade devices can be made using any blade profile. We have a solution for whatever your sunshade requirement.

Sliding & Fixed louvre blade
  • Blades can be fixed, operable or a combination of both.
  • Panels can be fixed in position or mounted on sliding tracks.
  • Ideal as sunshade devices or as privacy screens.
Privacy Screen
  • Usually constructed with elliptical blades or slats.
  • Elliptical blades can be made operable to adjust solar access and visibility.
Louvre Blades

Perfect for ventilation  panels, Louvre doors & plant screening. with storm proof and weather proof options available.


Made for slat fencing but can also be used for privacy screens and architectural features.





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